“JavaAntz” – A Boid Ant Simulator

Posted on July 4, 2006 

“JavaAntz” – A Boid Ant Simulator

This game is an example of a simple “Artificial Life” program. Although the ant’s behavior looks random, it is not at all.

The Ant Rules
(1) If you don’t know where breadcrumbs** are, try to find some.
(2) If you see another ant, ask if they know where bread crumbs are. If they know, head toward them. If not, run away from that ant (because afterall, food probably isn’t nearthem if they don’t know where food is.)
(3) If you find bread crumbs, takeit back to the hole, and return to the place where you found food (because where there is food, there is probably more food.) If you don’t find any crumbs where you thought they were supposed to be, start searching again (and tell other ants there is no food there).

That’s it! With those simple rules, the “complex” behavior above results.


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