Homing pigeon’s 5,000-mile wrong turn

Posted on August 30, 2006 

Homing pigeon’s 5,000-mile wrong turn

A homing pigeon got lost and ended up 5,000 miles away from her British home – on a Caribbean island.

Judy changed course while flying in a 600-mile race from Bourges, northern France to Northumberland, reports the Sun.

Instead she landed in St Eustatius in the Dutch West Indies.

Owner John Stewart, 69, from Hadston, feared she had been lost forever until he heard she had been found.

He said: “I’m glad she’s safe and in good hands – and probably having a lovely time.

“But I didn’t half get a shock when I found out where she was. I’m quite jealous really.

“I wish I was in the Caribbean rather than in Northumberland.She’s probably sunning herself on the beach.”

Mr Stewart, a member of East Chevington Homing Society, reckons Judy must have hitched most of the way on a ship

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