Home alone teen blows roof off

Posted on August 7, 2006 

Home alone teen blows roof off

A teenage boy, left in charge while his parents went on holiday, blew the roof off their bungalow.

Trouble began for Sean Davey, 18, when he placed a washing basket on top of the electric cooker, reports the Times.

He then accidentally knocked one of the hob rings on before going out.

The heated ring set fire to the clothes, which set alight a nearby bag of shopping which caused a can of deodorant to explode, blowing out windows and lifting the roof.

The blaze caused £35,000 of damage to the house in Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk.

When the teenager told his mother, Joanne Bray, and step-father Paul, who were on holiday in Scotland, he blamed Jet, the family dog, for jumping on the worktop.

“It’s ironic,” Mrs Bray said. “Sean didn’t cook anything while we were away – he survived on microwave meals and takeaways.”

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