Hackers tell drivers where to go

Posted on November 4, 2006 

Hackers tell drivers where to go

Commuters in a West Sussex town were told to ‘F*** off’ by council car park signs – but hardly anyone noticed.

The signs, in Crawley, normally say how many spaces are free in each of the town’s car parks but were defaced by a hacker.

The hacker broke into the system at around 6.45am, substituting the rude message and a tag promoting the US totse.com forum.

The messages were on display for more than two hours before council officers told the company which maintains the system – German-owned signage specialist Dambach – to remove them.

The computer system has now been locked down and will have its operating system upgraded.

Council spokesman Allan Hambly said: “We have no idea why Crawley was picked on. Only two members of the public reported it – I even drove past one of the signs myself without noticing it.

“Nowhere is foolproof. If hackers can get into Pentagon computers then I am sure they would have no problem with ours.”
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