Granny lands bouncer job at brothel

Posted on November 4, 2006 

Granny lands bouncer job at brothel

A 70-year-old grandmother has landed a job as a bouncer at a brothel in Berlin.

According to the owner, granny Waltraud Hotzl, known as ‘Mumsy’, has no problem turning away drunks and other undesirables who never argue with OAP at theFraulein Mueller brothel in Hermannplatz.

Her boss Johann Vepsi, 41, said: “She’s got the business perfectly under control. Mumsy is far and away the best for the job.”

As well as ensuring customers are well-behaved, ‘Mumsy’ settles disputes between the prostitutes.

Vepsi added: “If she hears of a squabble between the girls, she will shout ‘children, all quiet on deck please’. Total silence always follows.”

From Ananova


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