Girl, 13, wins eating contest

Posted on September 8, 2006 

Girl, 13, wins eating contest

A 13-year-old girl has beaten three men to become Britain’s corn on the cob eating champion.

Emily Cotterill ate 26 cobs in 20-minutes after she replaced her dad in the contest at the last minute, reports the Mirror.

As her middle-aged, male opponents began dropping out, the schoolgirl just carried on eating.

Mum Ann, 44, said: “The men were all big guys. We thought our little girl would have no chance, but she just kept going.”

Emily, from Rainhill, Merseyside, admitted she had a rather un-ladylike recovery method during the contest in Stretton, Cheshire.

She said: “After 15, I felt a little ill but after belching that passed. I won’t be looking at a cob for a while and I’m not sure I’ll defend my title.”

Dad Peter, 46, confessed: “I was going to enter but after seeing the size of the other guys I thought our Emily would do better. I was flabbergasted when she raised the cup.”

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