Erection ban causes chaos

Posted on July 6, 2006 

Erection ban causes chaos

A council planning department has been thrown into chaos – after the word ‘erection’ was banned from emails.

The word is obviously one of the most commonly used terms in applications for building works, says the Sun.

But it was included in a list of obscene expressions to be filtered out by software used by Rochdale Council.

Local man Ray Kennedy, 51, sent three emails to the council objecting to a neighbour’s new extension.

The first two were blocked because they included the word erection, which the computer thought was a sexual reference.

The third email slipped through the screening net but by then the neighbour had already got permission for the work to go ahead.

Ray, of Middleton, said: “Erection is a normal term in planning. But it was stopped because of its other meaning. I was shocked. Maybe if it didn’t affect me I’d find it funny.

“This proposal was clearly passed without my objections being heard. It is not fair.”

A Rochdale Council spokesman said: “The software is not designed by the council and we don’t control which words are blocked. We will be apologising to the resident.”

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