Couple arrested for sex outside mayor’s office

Posted on April 6, 2006 

Couple arrested for sex outside mayor’s office

An Argentinian couple have been arrested for having sex opposite a mayor’s office in broad daylight.

The man and woman, in their mid-30s, stripped completely naked to have sex on a bench by the Nahuel Huapi river in Bariloche.

And when police officers arrived to arrest them, they demanded to be allowed to finish what they were doing.

A crowd gathered and cheered the couple on – but the Mayor of Bariloche said he was shocked by the spectacle.

The woman told police she had always fantasised about having sex outside the mayor’s office while politicians were working inside.

A police spokesperson said: “They are otherwise two very respectable citizens but they told us they had this urge to have sex in public and that it was very strong and they couldn’t control it.”

The couple were arrested on charges of disrespecting public space and indecent exposure.

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