Blues Brothers keep their shades

Posted on July 1, 2006 

Blues Brothers keep their shades

Two motorists who model themselves on the Blues Brothers have been allowed to wear shades on their driving licence photos.

Tribute singers Jake and Elwood talked DVLA bosses into bending the rules, reports the Daily Mirror.

William Smith-Eccles, 56 – who changed his name to Joliet Jake Blues – said: “The Blues Brothers look that everyone knows from the movie is how we appear day in, day out.

“So when it came to getting our licences we thought we should be wearing sunglasses. I don’t think anyone would recognise us if we took them off. They’re permanent fixtures.”

His ‘brother’ Mark Moore, 27, has changed his name to Elwood Blues. The pair, from Derby – who drive a 1974 US police car, like in the film – were also allowed to wear shades on their passport photos.

DVLA rules say pictures must “show the full face, with no hat, helmet or sunglasses.”

But a spokeswoman said: “In certain cases, where overall features are not impaired, it is possible to accept images of people in sunglasses.”

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