Biofuel raises global dilemmas

Posted on January 20, 2006 

Biofuel raises global dilemmas

The massive depots at Wessex Grain’s sprawling processing plant in Henstridge are filled to the brim, not only with locally grown wheat, but also with hope for a more environment-friendly future.

Here, the Wessex Grain subsidiary Green Spirit Fuels has just been given planning permission to create Britain’s first bioethanol plant, which will eventually convert 340,000 tonnes of locally grown wheat per year into 131 million litres of ethanol.

And since the government’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation demands that 5% of all motorcar fuel must come from renewable sources by 2010, bioethanol will be used to fuel a growing number of cars on British roads, insists Green Spirit Fuel’s finance director, Arthur Llewellyn.


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