A Sneak Peek Into the Home of Tomorrow

Posted on November 8, 2006 

A Sneak Peek Into the Home of Tomorrow

In his 1973 movie, “Sleeper,” Woody Allen put forth a vision of the home of the future that was blindingly white, minimalist and sterile. If that’s going to be the case, then what will become of our collections of Fiestaware and the mantlepiece filled with framed family snapshots?

I have seen the future, and, happily, it’s not devoid of homey touches. I recently visited the “House of the Future” created by Popular Science and Sunset magazines. Perched on a hillside in Alamo, Calif., and designed to show what the average home will look like in 2031, it’s warm, comfortable and full of convenient touches. It seems as though our homes will retain their unique expressions of our personal style but combine them with technological advances that will save energy and make our lives simpler.


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