A bleak and terrible future: The inner-workings of Scientology.

Posted on June 29, 2006 

A bleak and terrible future: The inner-workings of Scientology.

If you’re reading this, you’re one of two people. Out of anything I have learned over the past several decades, it is that there are only, and ever will be, two kinds of people: People who believe in Scientology and want to learn more about, want to protect it at all costs, like a sick child, and people who only want to destroy it. I’m here to tell you all you would ever want to know, the blatant truth of the beliefs of the highest echelon of Scientologists, for I was one.

I still am, technically. I’m a working level OT VII, which is one lower than the highest current available level of the organization. Level VIII brings with it the real truth of the direction and philosophy of Scientology, a truth its beholders keep both to themselves at all costs, and over the heads of every other member. The truth, apparently, is that they are just plain better than everyone else.

No one of my level or higher has ever gone public about what truly goes on in the workings of Scientology. It takes years upon years of devotion to see my level of advancement. I have seen the records. We have scarily accurate records on ever member, past and present. We hire people, people whose sole job is to keep these records up to date. They make calls all day, make sure these people on record are still living where they say, doing what they do, and not slandering the name of Scientology. That’s their job, day in and day out. The highest level of Scientologist to ever betray us (before me) has been level V, which might not seem so but is much lower than VII or VIII. V lets you Audit, but nothing new is really revealed to you at that level.


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