1956 Martin Luther King “Montgomery Story” Comic Book

Posted on January 12, 2006 

1956 Martin Luther King “Montgomery Story” Comic Book

Most sane thinkers consider MLK to be an important and historic larger-than-life icon, but how did that happen? Especially given the marginalized press coverage of blacks in the 50s, how was his message galvanized among southern minorities and then spread as a single statement beyond the black community…? Without any need for hyperbole, this comic book is one of the reasons. Produced by the Fellowship of the Reconciliation and sent very surreptitiously throughout the South (it was dangerous for many to own a copy), then translated, re-drawn, and distributed once again throughout the entire southern continent through Mexico, into Central and then South America, this comic tells the story that established the myth of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks at the time that it mattered, mere months after news events occurred…

…This pamphlet offered advice and instructions on how to use passive resistance and massive non-violent resistance against segregation, just as these ideas were fresh –and it also established a clear connection of MLK to Gandhi, a public connection that continues on to today.

1956 Martin Luther King

A copy of this comic is held in the Smithsonian and many Civil Rights leaders recognize this as one of the most important and persuasive items of the 50s in establishing or explaining their cause to the world, as well as giving many black youths the courage and direction to hold their own political protests… We’re delighted to offer you not just the American version of this comic but also the Spanish edition, of which maybe two or three copies are known to exist…


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