We never did come up with a better title for the last update, did we?

Posted on August 6, 2005 

This is some good stuff we have here, so without further introduction, the links…

Movie: KunFu Legends II: Turbo Edition
An independent KungFu movie made by high-school students. Includes trailers and movie for download.

Music: 40 remixed Nintendo theme classics
Nintendo Breakz is a collection of 40 short (less than 45 seconds) remixes of classic Nintendo theme music.
01 Altered Beast
02 Punch Out
03 Balloon Fight
04 Super Mario Brothers 3
05 The Adventures of Lolo
06 Tetris
07 Kirby’s Adventure
08 Punch Out
09 Excite Bike
10 Mega Man 2

We were considering not adding this to the update out of sheer European strangeness, but I guess it’s up to you to look after all.

Site: Enter the world of Lovechess
“Based on the Greek and Trojan epos, LoveChess takes you to a place where the gods make love on the chessboard. Play chess with sexy queens and amorous knights on your PC.”
…this link is Rated R for Rampant Weirdness


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