The Spam update

Posted on August 6, 2005 

There’s nothing people hate more on the Internet than spam — that and keyboard warriors and forum trolls. alone gets like 100 spam emails a day. That’s like 10 times the amount of regular email we get!

That being said, this update is dedicated to the thing we loath most in all of its incarnations…

Site: Spamusement
The guy who runs this site creates funny cartoons based on headlines of spam emails.

One of my favorites: Tiny teen takes on the giant one-eyed monster!

Flash movie: Angry Spam Call
This is an actual phone call from a very angry internet surfer. Movie Rating: 8/10
For some reason if you can’t get that link to work, try one of these instead: 1 2

Site: The Spam Letters
A site filled with people’s replys to spam letters, and some of the spammers actually write back. He also has a whole section devoted to the Nigerian Scam Letters.


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