Students sit through 72 hour lesson

Posted on November 30, 2005 

Students sit through 72 hour lesson

A class of 26 Chinese students is claiming a world record after sitting through a 72 hour long English lesson.

They succeeded in breaking the previous record, held by a Polish school, of 66 hours, reports the Shanghai Evening Post.

A total of 30 students, aged 20 to 30, set out on the record bid but three quit in the first 24 hours putting the attempt in jeopardy.

They needed to have at least 19 students – the same as the Polish school – to break the record.

The students were paid for the record bid and, after 66 hours, the incentive was raised from 100 yuan per hour to 300 yuan.

By the last day, the students complained they were exhausted.

Ms. Xie, a university student, said: “I can’t remember anything even it was just said several seconds ago. I will never do this again!”


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