Screams of passion alert coastguards

Posted on November 7, 2005 

Screams of passion alert coastguards

Lifeboats, coastguards and police turned out when screams were heard from a rubber dinghy – only to find a naked couple making love.

A walker on nearby cliffs thought their shreaks of delight at 8am were calls for help and dialled 999, reports the Mirror.

Lifeboatman Nigel Crang said: “It was an amazing shout. I’ve never seen anything quite like it in all my 18 years I’ve been doing the job.”

He said the startled pair were totally naked, adding: “I’ve never seen such things in a six-foot inflatable at such an early hour.

“They were a bit surprised when we turned up. He was using his hands as a fig leaf, while she was protecting her modesty with a towel.”

Police ordered the pair, both in their 20s, to paddle to Hollicombe beach, in Paignton, Devon

They eventually agreed and were given a stern warning by police and coastguards. Yesterday the mystery couple were in hiding.


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