Reality show sets up space cadets

Posted on December 5, 2005 

Reality show sets up space cadets

Reality show chiefs are planning the biggest hoax in TV history – by fooling nine Brits they’ve been blasted into space.

Channel 4 is spending £5million on new show Space Cadets where the joke is on the contestants who will think they’ve been jetted to a Russian space agency for training.

But they will be flown around Britain and the North Sea for four hours before landing at a disused UK airbase done up as a space centre.

They will then be sent into ‘space’ for five days.

Their shuttle is really a prop from hit movie Space Cowboys, and its launch will be faked with sound effects and vibrations.

Later a giant screen outside the shuttle will beam pictures of space. There will be no need to simulate zero gravity as contestants will be told they are not far enough above Earth.

The show, fronted by Sun film critic Johnny Vaughan, was dreamt up by Big Brother producers Endemol 18 months ago.

Contestants were chosen after being quizzed by psychologists to find out if they were easily fooled.

They are now in hiding abroad before the ten-day series starts on December 7.


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  1. lascivious on December 12th, 2005 5:51 pm

    The whole show is a hoax. All the cadets are actors – check out the proof. It is the biggest hoax in TV history, but the joke is on the public not the cadets.

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