Posted on August 7, 2005 

There’s no real concrete theme for this update. It’s simply a showcase for several odd groups of people.

News: Pirates Vs. Vikings: The Real Controversy
“Forget the pirate vs. ninja debate. It’s antiquated, and there aren’t enough parallels. They work on totally different planes, so a fair comparison is next to impossible.”

News: Odds of finding alien life by 2010 are 10,000/1 according to a bookie
“An online bookmaker is taking bets on the outcome of 10 big scientific endeavors, including the search for life on other planets and the quest to harness nuclear fusion as a substitute for oil.”

Sad, Sad News: Hong Kong firm develops cyber girlfriend
For men without a partner, help may be at hand – in the form of a virtual girlfriend. The Hong Kong company Artificial Life, which developed the new game, says the girl will appear as an animated figure on the video screen of a mobile phone.


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