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Posted on August 6, 2005 

Site: Let Them Sing it For You
Pretty cool website. Type a phase and hear it sung with sound bytes from a variety of bands. Words are being added to the database every day.

Weird News: Buzz Aldrin Punches Conspiracy Theorist
On the weirder side of weird news, 70+ year old former astronaut Buzz Aldrin PUNCHED a popular conspiracy theorist in the face for messing with him. Another reason, other than going to the moon, why Buzz Aldrin rules. Even better, a video of the of the event is there too.

Site: Retro Future
What happened to all that futuristic stuff which was supposed to change our lives by the year 2000? This website showcases all of the cool things that the future was supposed to have but never panned out. I want my jetpack and rocket car! This site isn’t so much funny as it is informative.


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