Most Men Admit They’re Only So-So In Bed

Posted on November 17, 2005 

Most Men Admit They’re Only So-So In Bed

A new survey of American men may be a letdown for American women.

According to a survey of men’s sexual habits conducted by “Men’s Fitness” magazine, nearly 52 percent of guys describe their performance in bed as only “adequate.”

It gets worse…

— 15 percent of men admit they’re “below average” in bed.

— 16 percent say they’re terrible at “meeting their partners’ emotional needs.”

— 12 percent of American men masturbate at least once a day.

— 5 percent do it two times a day or more.

The complete survey results will appear in the “Men’s Fitness” book “Total Sex: Complete Guide To Everything Men Need To Know And Want To Know About Sex” (Harper Resource).


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