Have wheels, will travel

Posted on August 7, 2005 

Today, we decided on a car theme. It wasn’t too difficult of a decision. I just thought of the first theme that came to our minds, and I happened to be driving at the time. Enjoy.

Site: The Ultimate Guy and Chick Cars of All Time
Is there a such thing as a guy car and a girl car? All signs point to yes.

Site: Art Cars
Photo galleries of real cars modified with all sorts of weird add-ons like propellors, fins, signs and launchers. Some of them are very cool.

Weird News: MINI Cooper VS. Ford F150
Crash testing a MINI Cooper against an F150 produces surprising results.

Site: Dirt Surf
If you suck too much to rule the waves, impress the ladies by ruling the dirt. These Australians have made a whole new sport out of it.


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