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Posted on August 6, 2005 

Are you a nerd? If you are, you’ll appreciate this update. Have you ever wanted to be the coolest nerd among your nerd friends? The leader of your own nerd castle as it were? Look no further than Pentrix, a website with articles, videos, and tips on pen spinning.

Site: Pentrix

Your other friends might be good at stuff like sports or have nice cars and girlfriends, but after a few months of studying at Pentrix you’ll know how to spin pens with the best of them.

Amaze and hypnotize all the nerd onlookers with your masterful pen spinning ability doing tricks like the the Finger Pass or more complex maneuvers like the Reverse to Back Around. And if you don’t get your own lanky army of nerd followers, at least you’ll have something to do while you upload the new open source version of Linux you spent the last two months coding.

After you master all of the basic moves, check out the pen reviews and pen modifications section to find the best pens on the block.

Site: Pentrix Pen Mods

Keeping with the completely random theme is this site:

Site: F*** the Vote
“Liberals are hotter than conservatives,” Martin said, explaining that F*** the Vote hopes to use this scientifically unproven fact to get liberals to bed conservatives in exchange for a pledge not to vote for George W. Bush.


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