Christina Aguilera ‘used to keep terror suspects awake’

Posted on August 10, 2005 

Christina Aguilera ‘used to keep terror suspects awake’

The quizzing of al-Qahtani often started at midnight, Time magazine reports. He was woken up by having water dripped on his head or Aguilera’s music played.

This is for those of you who read the whole article instead of just skimming over the interesting sound bite I picked out. In short the article states that new methods of interrogating terrorist detainees were approved while others such as “mild, non-injurious physical contact” were revoked as appropriate methods.

Instead one of the techniques used to pry information from dangerous, brainwashed terrorists includes forcing a detainee to, “Watch a satirical puppet show concerning his involvement with al-Qaida.”

I’m all for fair/righteous treatment of prisoners, but puppet shows are not a very persuasive form of interrogation in my book. We should probably hire a clown who makes satirical balloon animals for them as well.


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